Momentum Development, Inc. is a company that invents, develops, and manufactures new products.

MDI develops and markets its own product line, as well as developing and manufacturing products and components for other companies.

MDI assists others in turning their creative ideas into marketable products.

Momentum Development, Inc. is located in Auburn, Washington. Jerry Wells, owner and president, has more than 30 years experience in aircraft, automotive and industrial accident investigation. Mr. Wells has a strong background as a practical engineer, inventor and manufacturer.

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Products and Services

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Custom Label Applicator

Easy Fold

Easy Fold Fixtures

Roller Cores Roller Cores
Vacumatic Vacumatic
Hose Lifting Device
Hose Lifting Device
Extreme Oil Pressure Test Machine Extreme Pressure Oil Test Machine Other Services

Motorcycle Detail Kits

Momentum Development, Inc.
32216 107th Place S.E., Auburn, WA 98092
32216 107th Place S.E., Auburn, WA 98092

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